John Fitzgerald Kennedy alias J.F.K. perhaps is one of the president of the United States (A.S.) the most popular. Whether because of the uniqueness (U.S. president. youngest elected in elections, The first president of the United States and the only one to this day the Roman Catholic religion), The tragic story of self and family, as well as many charming charisma, both at home and abroad.

Churches in the Middle East (2) – Assyrian Church of the East

It was spring. At UC Berkeley ongoing exhibitions of various cultures and religions. There is a group sport kendo are open stalls there and show off their dexterity in playing the members of the Japanese sword. There is a Sikh religious group which provides an explanation of the religion.


For you are a football fan would know gait big football clubs, especially in continental Europe. In the case of hold / recruit players, in general there are two kinds of approaches used by these clubs.

Churches in the Middle East (1) – Egyptian Coptic Church

"ISIS behead 21 Copts in Libya ", so the news that we read in the newspapers a few days ago. Reported that the men were arrested in retaliation for what is said to be the kidnapping of Muslim women in Egypt by the Coptic Church.


As we all know and feel, Monday to Wednesday ago Kelapa Gading area fairly heavy flooding (recollection author, the heaviest since 2007). The flooding has paralyzed the activities of citizens, cause damage in various ways (street, the house, motor vehicle), even had also made a number of people have been forced to leave their homes.