Remembering Cuba (6 – Out Of Order) – Religion in Cuba

Just like many other countries of the former Spanish colony, Roman Catholicism is the religion of the majority of Cubans. It is estimated that approximately 60-70% Cubans Roman Catholic. The number of those Protestant estimated around 5%.


As we all know and feel, Monday to Wednesday ago Kelapa Gading area fairly heavy flooding (recollection author, the heaviest since 2007). The flooding has paralyzed the activities of citizens, cause damage in various ways (street, the house, motor vehicle), even had also made a number of people have been forced to leave their homes.

Ready-Ready Entering Lent

Time goes on, without feeling we've entered the second week in February 2015. It was not long we live a series of Christmas and New Year, now soon we will enter a series of weeks of Lent.

Remembering Cuba (5) – Fidel Castro

Upon learning that the Presbyterian Church (USA) provide program travel seminar to various places - including Cuba - I asked Rev.. Patricia Lloyd-sidle which became my supervisor at the Division of the World church was whether I could participate in the program which will be held in March 2001.

Church Sahabat Alam

Some time ago the US Senate, through voting produces two decisions (at least for me) sounds strange. The First, recognizes that climate change (climate change), is something real.