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Holidays Almost There

For those who are taking the period of study at school, weeks are generally the last week in the academic year 2014-2015. The results of the final exams begin distributed, as well as a report on the study in this academic year. Let the results be shared neither reflect what has been attempted in this academic year and it can take a lesson from him. register … [Read Lengkapnya…]

Quo Vadis Church? (1)

This year GKI Gading Indah celebrate his birthday 25th. The church has grown from a small partnership into a church large enough. Perhaps judging from the size of the churches GKI, GKI Gading Indah including middle group, the number of the congregation over 1000 people. Age 25 years have passed with the full struggles and … [Read Lengkapnya…]

Faith, Anti Fresh Heart

Summary Sermon – Sunday, 7 June 2015. In Greek, the word used is evgkake,in. Interesting, when LAI chose the word 'panic' to translate the word, while there are some other words that are really more appropriate as the literal translation of the word evgkake,in.

EDC in the Church

In our everyday life, we can not escape from the various product development of technology, especially digital technology which is so rapidly growing in 2 the last decade. Almost no aspect of our lives that is not touched or affected by these developments.