Close The Book

In an organization or company, commonly known term “Close The Book” that is the end of a year of work. Usually it will be an evaluation of what is done throughout the year while planning what to do in the next year.

Churches in the Middle East (4) – Maronite Church

I thought about June 1996 when PERSETIA (Assembly School of Theology in Indonesia) open the program Year of the first Class Transfer, as part of a plan to open the Post-graduate Program Theology Indonesia (PPsTI).


You've probably heard the expression “Wow, really like Bondowoso only” addressed to someone who wants to start something that seems impossible. Expressions of folklore was born about Bandung, requested by Rara daughter Jonggrang make 1000 temples in the night as a condition suitor.

Churches in the Middle East (3) – Armenian Apostolic Church

I recently met with Anna Aghajanyan, ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to Indonesia. He asked many questions about the STT Jakarta. I tell you what and how STT Jakarta, with students who comprise half of the women, and many alumni serve in Indonesia.


John Fitzgerald Kennedy alias J.F.K. perhaps is one of the president of the United States (A.S.) the most popular. Whether because of the uniqueness (U.S. president. youngest elected in elections, The first president of the United States and the only one to this day the Roman Catholic religion), The tragic story of self and family, as well as many charming charisma, both at home and abroad.